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Clearing and Forwarding Division


As a company, we are endowed with excellent resources as well as sufficient bond to suffice for catering for any volume of consignments or clearing services.


The division’s main area of operation is clearing, forwarding and warehousing of transit cargo destined for countries within East Africa region, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.


The department facilities warehousing of client consignment’s/goods arriving into or leaving the country or to foreign countries respectively. These operations entail the following:-

  • Receiving of clearance/ shipping documents for the client organization.
  • Preparation and processing of import/export, warehousing and transport documents through customs, port authorities, shipping, transport, insurance agent- (underwrites) including bank and cargo surveillance agents.
  • Verification of shipping documents are required by both International and state marine law, regulations and procedures for goods to be allowed into the country.
  • Classification and determination of customs and port tariffs for correct payment of import/export duties, port and shipping charges.
  • Cargo location and handling- processing of the goods within and outside the port area- verification and examination surveying, inspection, storage, reconditioning, packaging/repacking, containerization and releasing.
  • Removal and countrywide dispatch of various types of client’s goods from the vessel, port area and warehouse by road or rail.
  • Processing of documents for compensation and settlement of cargo and insurance including marine claims resulting from short-landing, short-deliveries and client equipment, damages, pilferages and general damage.
  • Maintenances of clearing and forwarding records and statistics from clients for references. It also carries responsibility for advising the client on matters relating to clearing and forwarding.




Division's Workforce


The department has adequate staffs that are well qualified and well versed with experience and training required for clearing and forwarding operations. This includes three port clerks, two declaration staff and two accountants.