Quality delivery and total satisfaction of our clients explains why we are in business

About Us


Company Background


Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd has grown to become a significant force among independent Freight Forwarders and our goal is to provide competitive clearing and forwarding services, tailoring to the needs of our customers while maintaining one of the highest levels of customer service in the industry. At Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd, we want to make every aspoect of shipping your cargo as easy as possible. With our expertise, reliable and cost effective services we can assure that quality performance at every level is being provided.


To guarantee the highest level of clearing and forwarding services, we utilize quality control programs which include verifications of shipping documents, inspection and examination of cargo, tracking of cargo on transit.


We constantly monitor our work to ensure it meets our strict clearing and forwarding standards.


The demand for Replan Cargo Handling Services exists because we offer the client a means of consistently achieving their cargo handling objectives in the most effective manner.




Our Vision


To achieve unparalleled leadership in clearing and transport industry in a manner which our clients can depend on us as the most trusted partners in the delivery of affordable and cost effective services.



Our Mission


To provide the highest quality in clearing and transport services to individuals and organizations, with a view to enhancing positioning of their service delivery and growth.


We aim to strengthen and utilize the strength in our fleet, skills and resourcefulness, commitment and competence of our workforce to build an excellent clearing and transport services system known and recognized for reliability and all round quality.



Our Core Values & Guiding Principles


These represent what we (company) value, cherish, stand for and wish to reinforce in our daily operations:


  • We are, and intend to remain an innovative, professional, ethical, performance-oriented, and successful clearing and transporting company that offers the highest standard of quality customer service.
  • To conduct business with uncompromising integrity.
  • To utilize abilities of analytical skills coupled with tremendous depth of specialist knowledge in a client environment knowing that unique challenges demand unique and integrated solutions.
  • In the creative age, our most critical resource is our people.  They provide our corporate intelligence and vitality.  We are ordinary people achieving extra-ordinary results.
  • We think of everything we do in terms of efficient and dependable clearing and transport services.
  • We respect efforts, creativity and contribution from everyone-our strength is people working together.  To maintain speed, reliability and care that characterizes our business.
  • To place premium on excellence and continuous improvements knowing that credibility is difficult to establish but easy to destroy.
  • To collaborate for competitiveness by maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and strategic alliances.




Business Portfolio


The company has major two or trading divisions, all of which have experienced phenomenal growth since inception.  These are:

  1. Clearing &forwarding division
  2. Transport Division.