Quality delivery and total satisfaction of our clients explains why we are in business

Transport Division


The creation of this division was motivated by the need to:


  • To provide quality transport services to the ever growing needs in various sectors of the economy.
  • To operate with safety standards in transport business in a way that clients needs are satisfied with the highest degree of security and assurance.
  • To initiate and sustain long lasting relations with our clients through efficient and cost effective delivery.

The company maintains a considerable number of trucks in its fleet which are well maintained by professional mechanics, who ensure regular servicing to make them conformable to safety standards and TLB requirement at any given time.



Growth in the transport division


This is one particular division with the company which has experienced outstanding growth consistently from the time it was first created.


In peak times we are able to outsource further trucks to respond to the customer needs at hand.

All the trucks are in very good form, comprehensively covered, and are as a routine, properly serviced by our highly qualified mechanics.


Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd transport division; strives to innovate superior processes aimed at improving the quality of services to its clients, who include both individuals and companies.


This comes with the realization that customers occupy a crucial position in the competitive market environment.  To achieve this crucial objective, the company strives to:-


  • Maintain sufficient and efficiently operating fleet that may respond to any volume of customer needs at any given time.
  • Ensure that all its fleets are well maintained, conform to transport licensing (TLB) requirements and are operated by law-abiding workforce.
  • Initiate and enhance attitude change in its transporting, as well as other personnel, for purpose of internalizing customer friendly habits in their daily interactions and operations.
  • Encourage feedback and feed forward both to our clients and employees as a way to retaining good customer relations.
  • Promote and strengthen effective time management skills in employees as a means of shortening the period of services with a view to attaining excellence in operations.