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Statement of Capability


Human Resources


Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd comprises a group of professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the transport industry and clearing services at large.


Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd is a talent-ridden Company, whose team consists of proactive, multi-skilled, dynamic and dedicated experts of integrity, with substantive experience and cutting-edge thinking in their respective fields in the transport business.


The company has a good number of highly qualified personnel which draws from professionals Fleet management, Marketing, Accounting and Motor vehicle maintenance backgrounds.


All are from reputable institutions and, are endowed with in-depth knowledge of efficient operations in clearing and transport business.


The Directors and senior managers are all professionally qualified persons, all having a passion for excellence in clearing and transport business.  All other support staffs have minimum academic qualification of ordinary level and above.


The team comprises:




The Managing Director


The company strategic operations are overseen by the Managing Director who has a wealth of experience in clearing and transport business, having worked in key strategic positions both in the Clearing and Transport industries for many years.


Among many other responsibilities and duties in the company, he is responsible for:


  1. Overseeing the operations and financial management of the company.
  1. Proving clear leadership both on the ground, office operations and partner relations.
  1. Ensuring that strategy, future plans and forecasts, objectives are followed and implemented.
  1. Reviewing the performance of the business and ensuring that all areas are well focused.
  1. Guiding the fleet manager on strategic planning, implementation and management.
  1. Enhancing the sustenance of the company’s good corporate relations with all the company’s publics.
  1. Ensuring that the Company’s dealings are done with integrity, prudence, transparency and accountability.




Finance Manager


The Finance Manager is a qualified individual with experience in financial management and corporate practice.  Among other duties, the incumbent:


  1. Coordinates with the fleet Manager on the key areas of budgeting and sales target development for each department every month.
  1. Manages Individual truck accounts per transaction and provides monthly gross income, expenses and final net income.
  1. Follows up on any new business projects and ensures clear guidelines on the mode of operations are in place.
  1. Reconciles the fuel intake against distance covered by the Individual truck.
  1. Involved in the recruitment exercise – review of application forms to our job opportunities.
  1. Organizes for interview schedules for the fleet Manager.
  1. Prepares the payroll and pay slips for all employees.


  1. Manages the staff database and prepares monthly appraisals for individual’s performance.




Operations Manager


The incumbent has an outstanding experience in the sector, having worked in the Transport Industry for several years.  Among the responsibilities the incumbent plays in the company includes:


  1. To coordinate and manage safe ground routing of the trucks.
  1. To ensure that standard procedures, company policies and regulations are adhered to.
  1. To ensure that all tools, accessories, finance and operational requirements are available for smooth running o the business.
  1. To provide contingency plans incase of arising changes or mishaps at the ground level.
  1. To link Replan Cargo Handling Services Ltd and customers with the company’s strategic planning and implementation.
  1. To ensure that all vehicles are properly serviced and maintained and are done right on time.
  1. To provide leadership for both the drivers and the turn men.
  1. To recruit the transport staff and do performance appraisals for the staff.
  1. To review and recommend to the management the way forward towards better customer service and increased volume of business.





All our mechanics are trained professionals who ensure that at any given time, our trucks are well serviced and maintained and effectively comply with traffic rules as well as TLB requirements.






All our drivers have undergone formal training both in basic driving and defensive driving. Besides basic training, they are regularly exposed to trainings bordering on customer care, time management and positive winning attitude at work.


This is designed to equip them for timely, friendly and customer-focused deliveries, which must (of purpose to the company) be all round quality.